Mar 08

Prototypal inheritance in JavaScript

javascript prototype inheritence

In JavaScript we do not have typical class based inheritance. Which should not frighten you! Prototypal style inheritance can be very expressive and easy to use.

All JavaScript objects have a prototype object, including 'Object' itself. The way you inherit from another object in JavaScript can be tricky so we are going to add a create(object) method to make it easier on us. I know the word object is being thrown around a lot, but that's because almost everything in JavaScript is an object!

Feb 07

Second Post

markdown new sinatra mongo redcarpet haml

Second post in 2 years! That must be a new record for longest dead blog, but it shouldn't matter since no one reads this thing anyways. It was more of a learning tool to prove I could steal someones idea and change the database behind it. But now we should be supporting markdown so we can do lists and links and stuff. Here is a list of the gems that I'm using to power this blog

Nov 16

First Post

Kyle Ceschi

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